Ubisoft announces that Watchdogs 2 will finally release on November 15, 2016. After Watchdogs originally launched back in May 2014 for almost all gaming platforms, it became the biggest launch of a new IP ever in the UK (at the time). In North America the game was suppose to release with the launch of the PS4, although it was pushed, and when it finally released, the reviews were a mixed combination of good and bad. The story was set in a fictional version of Chicago and followed a hacker who was set out for revenge on the people responsible for killing his niece. The story was single-player, but it did have a 8-player coop and competitive mode.

It’s been two years since the launch of Watch dogs, and Ubisoft has finally unveiled Watch Dogs two in this trailer.

The new game also has a new main character, Marcus Holloway. He’s a young hacker who is helping fight corruption in the San Francisco Bay area. It all starts when he is accused for a crime that he did not commit. In this new game, he’ll be able to hack every character in the game, not just pre-selected characters like in the previous game.

Watch Dogs 2 will be purchasable¬†in three different versions: Deluxe, Gold, and Collector’s. Also if you¬†preorder any of them will also get you a bonus mission, Zodiac Killer, which will unlock an exclusive outfit when completed.

I can only to hope the Watch Dogs 2 will be everything we wanted from Watch Dogs. Just seeing the E3 2016 announcement for Watch Dogs 2, has already made me feel excited to play this title.

Written by: Christian Galvez

Christian is the founder of The EXP Grind. He is interested in Indie musicians, Video Games, Anime, and just about anything in Arts and Entertainment. He tries to find art with true meaning in the new and upcoming artists and hopes to reach more creative professionals.

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