Are Video Games the Best Stress Reliever for Men?

Being an avid gamer since I was a small boy, I can easily say that video games have helped me deal with so much in life. Video games are the stepping stone for many logical problems. For me I always found them to be a form of mental stimulation to the max. It’s almost like a tool, and with tools, it’s the way you use it that’s important. Despite my love for video games, a survey was just done to find out how both men and women deal with stress.

A new survey conducted by University College London uncovers that video games are a standout amongst the most prevalent ways for men to deal with stress.

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A Short History of Video Games

In the past, video games have been looked down on by the mainstream media. The gaming industry themselves promote crazy narrative where the players themselves are sent on crazy killing sprees and steal cars from random people on the street. Obviously, I’m talking about ‘Grand theft Auto 5’. In, 1993 there was a very brutal game called ‘Mortal Kombat’. It was the first video game to feature lifelike, realistic violence. Two players would fight each other to the death and do things called fatalities to completely finish killing each other. This is not something you wanted your 10-year-old son playing by himself for that time. Together with other games ‘Night Trap’ and ‘Doom’ it was the focus of the 1993 Congressional Hearings. The formation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board as a self-regulated entity deflects potential government regulation, and Mortal Kombat stays in stores.

The Study Concluded

Either way, this new study was done to demonstrate how men and women show significant differences in therapy, coping behavior, and help-seeking. It showed that men in general, are less inclined than women to seek help for their psychological needs.

It indicates that a significant percentage of male participants (29%) listed video games as a main coping strategy, with women trailing behind slightly at 18%. In contrast, more than half (52%) of female participants listed prescription pills to deal with hard times, with only 27% of men listing it as a coping method. Both genders rate “talking with friends” as their primary way to cope.

The examination serves as a solid reproach to the individuals who guarantee that computer games convey no social reason, particularly for men and a critical rate of ladies, a significant number of whom play online computer games for both social collaboration and unwinding.

Notwithstanding agreeable web based amusements like Destiny and World of Warcraft, even aggressive computer games serve as scenes for social engagement and building up fellowships — particularly in the groups that spin around them.

It unquestionably conflicts with the normal conviction that video game is murder test systems for psychopaths or sociopaths. I believe that they are not stepping stones to real violence, but a need for4 human nature to just … let go.

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Written by: Christian Galvez

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