Why Did Blizzard Just Ban Over 10,000 Overwatch Players?

Overwatch is the top game right now for Blizzard. With a game being so competitive as a first person shooter game, it’s easy to see how people want to cheat and beat that guy who keeps getting all the kills. Overwatch hackers have got a lot more smarter since the last round of bans.

It’s no surprise that Overwatch’s South Korean servers are overwhelmed with miscreants, and Blizzard made a major move to put a conclusion to this issue.

The distributer has restricted more than 10,000 players on its South Korean servers, as per a post on its message sheets. Snow squall particularly specified that it restricted players utilizing another bamboozling apparatus called “nuking” that apparently targets contradicting groups with a conveyed disavowal of-administration (DDoS) flood that overpowers their web association with garbage information. The studio says that it is planning countermeasures to battle nuking.

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Written by: Roberto Bahena

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